Flip Your Lid

We are Jeep people with a passion for outdoor experiences. Our Freedom Hinge is here to set you free. The hinge allows you to simply unlatch your Freedom Top roof panels and flip them back, resting on your roof. No storage needed. When you want to close the roof, pull over, flip them over, latch in place. It's just that fast, it's just that easy.  

Flip the lids back and let the adventure in…

Freedom Hinge for the Jeep JK &
Freedom Hinge for the Jeep JK '07-'18 (please select year)
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Made in the Green Mountains of Vermont, USA

We are a small Vermont company of automotive enthusiasts. We develop products for ourselves, then share the joy.  Our goal is to maximize your fun while we maximize your convenience.

Clean it, stick it flip it

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