How complex is the installation?  What tools do I need?

Installation is easy and you don’t need any tools!  Just a clean Freedom Top!  Watch our installation video and read through the directions.  Watching the video takes about 12 minutes with all the details, installing the hinge once you’ve watched the video takes about the same time.  You will need to wait for 24 hours after install to allow the adhesive to cure before using your hinge, but we believe it’s worth the wait!


You don’t need to drill holes to install?

Nope!  This adhesive tape was designed for the automotive industry, the same product is used to adhere panels to the sides of tractor trailer trucks (goodbye rivets).  If it works for them, it’ll certainly work for you.  The properties of this high-tech adhesive require you to follow installation guidelines to clean your roof, apply at at least 70F and to allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours before using the hinge (adhesive will be at 80-90% cure at this point) and not to wash the roof for 48 hours (full cure time).


Does this fit all Jeep Freedom Tops?  Will it fit on the new Bronco?

Not yet!  Currently we only offer a model for the Jeep JK ’07-’18.  Our engineers are working on a Freedom Hinge for the Jeep JL series (’18 and up), launch date targeted mid-summer ’21.  A hinge for the new Ford Bronco is up next in the development process!


How do the panels handle going down the road?

Great!  When the panels are flipped back their profile remains low, so when you’re traveling at higher speeds the aerodynamics of the windshield push the wind up and over the panels.  And the width and sturdiness of the hinge combined with the rubber bumpers and super strong adhesive create a smooth ride for your panels even if the road you’re traveling is not.  


Where is the Freedom Hinge made?

We take pride in the fact that our product and all the components are manufactured in the USA.  We’re extra proud that the hinge itself is made right here in the Green Mountains of Vermont.


Do you have any other products?

We’ve got several more accessories that will be available soon, and lots of ideas in the works.  Stay tuned!  Enter your email address on our homepage to get news and updates.