Freedom Hinge for the Jeep JK &

Freedom Hinge for the Jeep JK '07-'18 (please select year)

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The Freedom Hinge…. Where form meets function.  We’re putting the Freedom into your Jeep JK Freedom Top!  If you’ve got a Freedom Top you know how great it is to take the panels off and let the sunshine in.  Before you can enjoy the sunshine though, you’ve got a bit of work to do: removing and storing the panels.  You’ve also got some questions to answer:  do I have enough room in the Jeep to bring them with me?  is it going to rain later?  do I really want to spend 10 minutes taking the panels off and storing them when I’m only driving 10 minutes to work?  The Freedom Hinge is an extremely convenient answer to all these questions.  Once installed it takes about no time to open up your roof and you just bring the panels with you, not taking up any precious cargo space or risk getting scratched in storage.  

Made from a strong nylon material, combined with a super aggressive, permanent adhesive tape (the same stuff used to hold tractor trailer bodies together) the Freedom Hinge is a tough durable addition to your Jeep.  Once installed, just unlatch your panels and flip them back onto the roof of your Jeep.  The panels rest quietly on the roof whether you’re going down the highway, heading down a dirt road or just driving around town. When the weather changes, pull over and simply flip them forward, latch them down and in no time you’re back on the road.  Even less time if you’ve got a friend helping!

Installation is easy!  The hinge was designed to line itself up properly with the ribs on your roof, and we’ve added tabs that line it up with the seam between the fixed portion of your roof and the removable panels.   Please watch the installation video and read the instructions completely before install.  Just clean the roof area, stick the hinge in place and get ready to enjoy your freedom!  No tools, no drilling no holes in your roof.

TRUKK Fabrication LLC is committed to providing you with a high quality product worthy of your trust and confidence.  We want you to be pleased with your purchase.  If you need assistance, have concerns or questions, please email us at 


This is a total game changer.

Steven Q, VT

The hinge is quick and sophisticated. I can't believe it hasn't been done before.

Krystina, MA

It's as easy as advertised. I cleaned it, stuck it and flipped it. This is crazy convenient. Such a great product!

Nathan B, VT

So cool. New horizons for me and my Jeep.

Ben C, PA

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Simple Storage Solution

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